Construction, Project Management, and Design

Made Simple and Sleek

Two men with architectural plans consulting on building violation codes

Azark Inc. unites various service bodies that work part-in-parcel to create a sleek project construction administration and management process, all under one roof.

Professionals discussing building code with architectural plans and models

Where construction project management is notorious for being complex and even disjointed, ArkCo Corp. (ArkCo) has simplified the process and developed multiple systems and technologies that helps us help you in the creation of all your projects; Allowing ArkCo to deliver turnkey spaces swiftly.

You wouldn’t pick puzzle pieces from one box, then a handful from another, and another. We believe construction management should follow the same concept.


Guiding the construction project management, including design, demolition, construction administration and material procurement.

Design proposals
  • Interior Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Test Fit-out
Construction Management & Administration
  • On-site supervision
  • Sub-contracting
  • On site coordination
  • Procurement & Delivery
  • Project Planning
General Construction & Demolition
  • Interior Fit-outs
  • On-site clean ups
  • General Repairs
  • White Box fit-outs
  • As built conditions review
  • Floor plans and design documents
  • 3D renders

Multiple Pieces;

The Beauty of the Puzzle

Under the same roof, teams of expeditors, architects and expert project managers simplify and smoothly piece each part of the puzzle a construction management project can appear to be—a mesh of logic and creativity in and of itself.

From foreseeing possible corners of concern to the art of administrative handling (not least the design and grit in between) our construction services are an innovative ecosystem.

We’re With You At Every Building Block

Though we strive to have each project run as smoothly as a brilliant skyline, we also pride ourselves on our problem-solving and navigation.

Our clients know that we love big dreams as much as they do, but should rethinking be necessary, we’ll be the first to offer those next-step ideas.