Where Violation Alerts Turn from Headache to Peace of Mind

Two men with architectural plans consulting on building violation codes

Violerts is the home of violation alerts, which (contrary to popular belief) doesn’t need to be a headache-inducing experience when you have access to the right information, fast, in true New York City fashion.

As our client interface for violation alerts, Violerts is a premier database that provides our clients an easy segway to all the important information about their properties; allowing them to stay informed timeously while cutting out the hassle of having to travel to multiple City websites for information that typically can feel like a wild goose chase.

Professionals discussing building code with architectural plans and models

Violation Alerts

Made as Simple as Possible

Our mission with Violerts is simple: we collect, dissect, and continuously monitor property data, ensuring that our clients stay informed every step of the way. Think of it as the resource that’ll make your property compliance as smooth as possible.

Features like your Building Info (Building Class, Lot Size, Year Built) meet Zoning Info (Commercial or Residential Floor Area Ratio) are just a few of the many nuggets of information you’ll find about your property or potential property.

Take a deeper dive on Violerts, and you’ll be able to explore housing violations, orders to repair or vacate, active violation orders (inspections and penalties) as well as other essential information like upcoming court dates and hearings and renewal dues.

An Interconnected Information Haven

Like all companies part of the Azark Inc. ecosystem, Violerts is interconnected and relevant to all provided services.

Building Violation Services (BVS) and Violerts especially go hand-in-hand, and many of our valued BVS clients enroll to receive invaluable violation alerts from Violerts.

Behind the scenes, we’re tirelessly working on expanding Violerts’ reach by integrating data from various city agencies, which makes us enormously excited to continue growing, just as our clients and their agency in the real estate industry do.

Professionals discussing building code with architectural plans and models