The First Glimpse of Your Vision

Two men with architectural plans consulting on building violation codes

Azark Inc. guides you to Vivid Printing Services (VPS); a key step in many visualization journeys.

Professionals discussing building code with architectural plans and models

Vivid Printing Services,

Where the Dreamscape Becomes Possible

Those first interactions with a new project are some of the most important and memorable for architects and dreamers in a digital format.

While traditional blueprinting has evolved into vast realms of ever-expanding technology, the basics are still at play. It’s about seeing a vision before the fact, moonlighting a feeling and making sure a concept hasn’t been lost in translation.

Where Great Minds and Technology Make Magic

VPS works with cutting-edge programs, printers and people to showcase what an idea could be prior to being built. As it is easier to change designs with a click of the mouse than a hammer and a saw.

  • Graphic design
  • 3D space scanning and walkthroughs
  • Micro-film services and blowbacks
  • PDF to AutoCAD conversion
  • Large-format 2D printing and scanning
Professionals discussing building code with architectural plans and models

Your Future Space,

Our Creative Think Tanks

VPS’s Creatives walk with data and vast knowledge of New York City’s unique landscape to give you indications that are actually possible.

We won’t show you what could be, we’ll walk you through each phase of how it can be through Azark Inc.’s house of connected companies.

But, the proof is often in the printing. Vivid Printing Services provides all the necessary equipment and legwork for visualization through digitalization, design, innovative space evaluations as well as models you can meet and tantalizing technical layouts.

Architects and technology make a good team, but our human touch is always the guiding hand of any and every space envisioned.

Design With Us

Integral to Azark Inc.’s house of appointed services, you’ll meet VPS when planning, dreaming up or conceptualizing a space with top-tier experts who work integrally to consider every next and parallel step necessary.